Sometimes Bad is Good Dept: Cheating at Blackjack

Posted by on Nov 28, 2011 in Tech Notes |

Good work if you have what it takes: winning at blackjack by card countingMaking Millions the Easy Way
We have a love of good work here, which is a double-edged concept. There’s the conditions of work (our business focus) which can be good, and secondly there are the jobs themselves that can be good.
This post is about the second, and with some apologies to moralists, a very good job if you can work with your memory. This video is a great history of the art of beating blackjack, something that has always had a mythical appeal. Ends up its doable if you understand the mathematical concept, have honed memory and concentration ability, and a couple of friends with similar talents. This story impresses us immensely with the brilliance, creativity and resourcefulness of the workers of this “job”. Definitely some good work here. Check it out!