Software Fix: Improved Sound Files

Posted by on Aug 29, 2011 in Tech Notes |

IDI Content Updater v1.08 comes with a host of new sound files and bug-fixes for the old batch, so you can get high-quality sound feedback to your mouse actions. This patch will fix many of the “example” macros to play audio correctly. Grab the new updater here


Sound Effects are great for complex commands

IDI can verify your complex commands with verbal and audio effects, to give you assurance that your commands have been recognized and processed. You can even record your own sound files and use them to identify the active profile (“grenadier activated,” for example) or your specific macro (“semi-auto rapid fire”).

Gesture Recognition

This means when you use a function like gesture recognition, IDI can verbally confirm your movements. If you have an action configured to “left, then up,” you can listen for IDI to verbally confirm that it read your “left” motion and then your “up” motion, and at the same time IDI will execute the commands you configured to those motions.

Shift Levels

If you have a button configured to a ‘shift,’ IDI can be configured to verbally speak ‘shift’ so that you can be sure the button is recognized and behaving as programmed.