New Configurator Update – version Available Now!

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We are happy to announce a new version of the Configurator application used with the Fragpedal, Omnipedal, Omnimouse and other IDI devices.

The Update is here. 

Installation Notes:

Click on the installer link and download the installer to your PC.

Running the installer:

1.  If you are installing as an upgrade for your Configurator installation, be aware you will need to run the installer twice.

  • On the first run, it will find your installation and do content files cleanup.  It will ask if you want to remove the entire installation, to which you should click ‘Yes’.  This is really only going to remove our old content files, and any files you have created or added (like macros) will not be removed.
  • When this first ‘installation’ completes, you should return to the installer icon and click it a second time.  It will run a second time to install and update the files for the new installation, and will finish by prompting you to open the Configurator.

2. If you are installing the Configurator on your machine for the first time, (not an upgrade) the installer will complete the installation in a single pass, and finish by prompting you to open the Configurator application for use.

  • This version of the IDI Device Configurator Installer includes the sound files library.  The sound files are used by the example macros, and are available for use with macros you will make.

IDI Device Configurator version

New Features

Auto Save with Memory Undo Save  – The Configurator now automatically saves a copy of the device memory to disk, each time you press the Save button.

(Pressing the Save button saves the programming to the device memory.) This protects your settings in the device against any possible memory corruption or failure by ensuring that you always have the last good copy of the device memory on disk.

The memory undo save feature allows you to revert the device memory back to its last programmed state.  This can be used to restore the device in the event of the aforementioned memory error, and it also allows you to ‘undo’ a setting save that you may have made in error.

Displays for 2 and 4 button foot pedals – The Configurator display now features displays for both 4 or 2 button foot pedals. Select the display for your pedals from the View menu and view your pedal configuration with the appropriate physical and virtual button labeling.

Roccat + performance gaming mouse now supported by IDI tech. (Thanks Eric L.)


  • Key combo selection form now allows modifier-key-only key combos, and the key combo name text is updated with each key press for clear, easy key combo assignments.
  • Alias and macro index files are now easier to edit using a spreadsheet program.   These files enable the integration of user game/app specific binds, settings, and macros to the various Configurator assignment menus, and are used to display mouse/keyboard key assignments sorted and named by their game-native functions, and to separate and list game macros by game. Users can copy, edit, and use alias.txt and macrofile.txt files to allow fully integrating their favorite game customized skin, binds, menus, and macros in 1 of 30 dedicated configuration files in device memory.
  • GWS example and sample macros and html help files expanded and updated.

Bugs fixed:

1. Alias file redundant entries issue fixed.

2. Onscreen display text overwriting issue fixed

3. Key combo form now allows programming the Windows key in combos

4. Configuration image drop down now only displays appropriate skinning images rather than entire image directory


Feedback:  As always, we appreciate your feedback.  What works, what doesn’t work, what you’d like to see next, please feel free to just drop us a line by email.


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