Omnipedal Trinity PC Input Pedal

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The Omnipedal Dual PC Input Pedal is highly recommended for computer users with carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain injury, tendonitis, or other manual issues. We’re making it easy to try with our 30 day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

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The Omnipedal Trinity PC Input Foot Pedal is a state-of-the-art 3 pedal foot-based input system for the PC. You are as fast and precise with your feet as with your hands and using your feet reduces manual stress and improves your keyboard and mouse handling. The Omnipedal is built on powerful IDI™ Intelligent Input Device technology developed by Good Work Systems from over 14 years of pioneering experience with PC input foot pedals. Using the simple IDI software interface, the pedals can be easily configured to send any mouse command, scroll, keyboard key, or combination/sequence thereof. Plus, for the power user, IDI™ technology offers advanced pedal types, such as toggles, timed (and counted) presses, tap/press/hold pedals and more. The Omnipedal is used creatively by a broad range of professionals, including video and audio editors, programmers, data entry workers, and more. Once configured, it can be easily moved from one computer to another (Windows Mac or Linux) keeping all its settings in internal memory.

  • Send Application Commands from 3 Multi-Command Pedals – without any Manual Input!
  • Plug and Play USB Device: Works with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux – No Drivers Required!
  • Industry Leading IDI™ Macro Engine: Send Multi-Command mixed Mouse and Keyboard Commands on a Pedal press
  • 30 Onboard Memory Configurations – Saves Application Macros and Pedal Settings in Internal Memory and works seamlessly with up to 30  Applications.
  • Super Tough Build Quality + 100% Modular construction – All parts available separately at
Size 7 foot on pedal
Size 7 foot on pedal
Size 13 foot on pedal
Size 13 foot on pedal

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Weight 17 oz

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