MMOs are very command-intensive, and there’s a lot the Fragpedal can do to help out. We are working on adding support for a variety of MMOs, so let Aion Online be the first! Let’s see some Aion Online macros.

Configuration: Flying Controls

Flying controls add an extra layer of commands for the user to execute successfully. Here is the Flying profile for Aion Online. This is a simple configuration, where the left foot raises and lowers your character, and the right foot opens and holds wings.

Aion Online Flying Controls

Flying in Aion is a beautiful experience, but can be difficult


Configuration: Quickbar Shifter

This configuration enables you to access 6 quickbar skills easily with your feet. The pedals on the left foot trigger different shift levels.

Shift level 0: Skill #7 & Skill #10

Shift level 1 (left foot, left pedal): Skill #8 & Skill #11

Shift level 2 (left foot, right pedal): Skill #9 & Skill #12

Aion Online Quickbar Configuration

Shift levels enable you to set up multiple commands on the same button


Configuration: Quickbar Timed Press

Timed Press buttons appear in a lot of game configurations, mainly because they’re just so darn useful. This set-up makes use of triple tap/press/hold buttons to access all 12 quickbar skills with your 4 Fragpedal Quad buttons. If the buttons are clicked for less than 250 milliseconds, the first function will fire. If they are held down between 250ms and 700ms, the second action will execute. Once the button is held for 700ms, the third function will execute. Never have to lift a finger away from your mouse and essential keyboard controls again!

Aion Online Quickbar Timed Press

Access all 12 quickbar items without lifting a finger

Flap your wings over to the files page to download the art, macros, and alias file used in this profile. Look for the MMO device memory save if you’d like to instantly load this configuration onto your Fragpedal

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