IDI™ Tech teaches an old button some new tricks

It’s not your grandpa’s plain old “on or off” button

There was a time when all you needed was a simple button press to get something done in a game. But in modern PC games it ain’t so simple. Its 2, 3, 4 clicks or key presses to do anything. But Grandpa always said “Play Smart, Not Hard” and that’s the point of Smart Buttons™ ; they get multi-command, multi-step game tasks down to a single button or even a single press.Think Schwarzenegger meets Einstein. Five types of very smart, very aggressive Smart Buttons™ get your gaming tasks done with ruthless efficiency.

If you build them, they will own

Fortunately, Smart button capabilities are simple to assign to buttons. They are specified with simple macro instructions, and you can easily build macros of each Smart Button type using the MacroBuilder™ module of the IDI Configurator. A wizard interface guides you through all the selections, so no programming is needed, just a wicked strategic idea.
And of course you can download and share macros with others, the DLC works and is free.

Need to send commands faster?
The Press/Release Smart Button™ will kick your command input speed into overdrive, sending the same command at double speed or 2 related commands on the same button press, one on the press and the other on the release.
• Easily send the perfect double jump with space bound to the press and again to the release of a button
• Lie prone and defuse a bomb with one press, and plant a claymore mine and pop up with the release

Want to click a button or key instead of having to hold it down?
Toggle Smart Button™ allows you to turn on or off any command with subsequent presses. It’s strategic advantage is to allow the tap of a button to have the effect of holding a button down. (The next tap releases the button) It frees up fingers and can be used with any game command. It’s also the most efficient button to use to switch between 2 different weapons, items, or commands.

Want to switch between 2-3 items or weapons quickly with a single button?
The favored strategic use of the Timed Press Smart Button™ is to quickly change between up to 3 items or commands, signaled by the duration of the press of a single button.
• Tap quickly to shoot, hold longer to reload, or keep it down to draw your pistol in your favorite FPS
• Easily select between 3 spells with a tap, brief, and long hold in Dragon Age

Want to send different commands on a tap, press and hold?
The Sequence Smart Button™ sends a series of commands that you specify to complete a game task, all from the same button, for the ultimate in control ease. If for some reason you don’t need to complete the full series of commands you can specify a time out period and the button will reset.

Want to access special commands for special game circumstances?
The Shift Smart Button™ gives the other buttons alternate command settings, similar to the way the Shift key works on the keyboard. Shift Smart Buttons can create up to 4 sets of alternate commands for each of the Fragpedal or Omnimouse buttons.
• Want to swap your footpedal controls just while flying that helicopter? Just tap or hold a ‘shift’ key
• Want to return to the game this time as a medic, and play with special controls? Tap a Shift button and swap the 4 pedal buttons to another command set