“Back on May 4, 2006 I bought one of your very first Fragpedals. I called and spoke with a very nice gentleman who sent me the program to get it installed on my computer. I am a 67 year old, one arm fellow that absolutely lives to game and your ‘Fragpedal – Gaming Footpedal’ has allowed me to play along with everyone else. Many, many thanks!”
***H.L. – Tigard, Oregon – May 2011

“Just more thoughts as I become more familiar with IDI. It definitely is the new technology for peripherals in my opinion. Not much you can’t do with it.
***T.V. – San Antonio, Texas – September 2009

“Got the new pedals and they are working like a charm.  Absolutely perfect for Battlefield!”
***J.G. – Midland, Ontario – June 2010

“Really like the Fragpedal and software. Very nice Config Tool … respect … IDI system is just like WOW !”
***M.K. – Sollies-pont, France – July 2010

“The Fragpedal II is my secret weapon now.  Even better than the Elite.  Clicking buttons would be nice, but I’m getting used to using me feets in the game and there’s no going back.”
***P.F. – Brighton, CO – March 2010

“Thanks again for such a great product and fabulous service.”
*** A.R. – Vero Beach, Florida – November 2010

”When I first got my new job working for an audio company, I began to get severe RSI symptoms within 2 weeks. My job involved a lot of programming and computer work and when I came home I relaxed with RTS strategy games on the PC and my creative time involved using a computer as well. Everything computer. I had to come home and just lay in bed because I couldn’t touch a mouse. I desperately searched for a way to help my RSI. I tried trackballs, wacom tablets, the Quill Mouse, trackpads… nothing was enough. I realized I had to use a different muscle group and that something must exist. I looked everywhere for something I could use my feet for, which were just sitting there. I saw some footpedals which looked very clunky and were very expensive.

Then I came across the Fragpedal, which was developed for gamers originally. I had my company buy me this for ergonomic work purposes and it has literally saved my “life”. My job and my relaxation, recreation, and creative time, are all possible with the pedals. It did not take long to get acclimated and offsetting the mouse clicks was the key. I use the Quill Mouse to position the cursor quickly and accurately (unlike a trackball, trakpad, or wacom… the mouse is the fastest and most accurate). In this way I maintain that speed for programming, music production, and gaming, while diversifying my muscle groups.

It may seem strange to use your feet, but get over it. This is a life saver for repetitive stress injury (tendinitis, carpal tunnel etc) and I’m surprised more people don’t know about these pedals. I have a friend who is still suffering because he thinks the pedals aren’t “cool” or perhaps he thinks it would make him look disabled. He uses a wacom tablet and auto hot keys to mouse click with his left hand but it’s not enough. Whatever your reservations might be, I’m telling you first hand, muscle group diversification to the feet is the missing link, and these pedals are the tool to do that. Congratulations on finding this review! It means you’ve found an answer, a real one that will work and your pain will soon go away.”
***S. H. – Berkeley, CA – July 2011
Audio Tools developer for Akai, Numark, Alesis
Computer Music Composer 

Thanks a lot for the help with the macros.  I am seriously owning with the pedals in COD: Black Ops, especially nice to toggle the right click with my foot instead of on the mouse!”
***L.D. –  Glen Carbon, Illinois – January 2011

“The Fragpedal Quad is what I’ve been waiting for.  You guys are awesome!  Love how I can set the buttons any way I want.”
***B.T. –  Papillion, NE – June 2011

“You might remember me, I had to send my Fragpedal Elite in when button 4 stopped working, after an incident where some beer got on (in) the pedals. Totally LOVE this Quad!  I already reset all the buttons (height and spacing) and it’s a piece of cake, so easy to maintain.”
***V.H. – Bel  Air, Maryland – April 2011

The Quad rocks!  Thanks for putting up with my emails over the years, but you guys got this one right!
***J.P.  –  Oslo, Norway – June 2011

“Quick, proficient…  Talk about the best customer service I’ve had in all my life.  Thank you for being so understanding of my needs and worries and especially thank you for finding a solution to all of them! Wow… I still can’t believe it you know.  So I have to tell you again. You guys are really great. You’ll be getting some great reviews through the grapevine and my boyfriend will know every detail of your awesome customer service :) ”
***M.C. – Puyallup, Washington – November 2010

“These pedals are the best gaming hardware I have bought.  I taped them down on the floor and I use them for firing, leaning, and other stuff.  I was amazed how much firing with my feet improved my aim! Just no wiggle or shake ever, shots are right on.”
***D.F. – Cork, Cork County, Ireland – December 2010

“5 out of 5 Stars
I am so satisfied with the Fragpedal II!
I’d like to say a little something about the folks at Good Work Systems. They are absolutely outstanding and I don’t think I’ve ever had better customer service. All my emails to them were replied within 10 minutes with long, detailed information. They shipped it the same day payment was received and gave clear instructions on how to manually pay with paypal.”
***L.Y. – Douglasville, Georgia – October 2010

***J.B.  – Hillsboro, Oregon – June 2011

“P.S. Thanks again for making such a great product. The Fragpedal is the ULTIMATE gaming device.
P.S.S. I tell everyone I know about it. :D ”
***R.H. – Kobenhavn, Denmark – August 2010

“I recently received my Fragpedal Quad in the mail and I love it!  Great job!”
***C.F. – Antwerp, Belgium –  July 2011

“…since the new Fragpedal Quad design allows for the replacement of any breakable parts, the durability factor of this gaming oriented foot pedal is hard to beat.”
S.O. – Bayville, New Jersey – May 2011

“Imagine being on the Battlefield and needing to throw your mate a medic pack, then switching back to your main weapon with a flick of the toe!  How about doing the same thing with the flick of toe and throwing a tomahawk in Call of Duty Black Ops. Virtually endless modifications and binding are available with this system.  It combined the mouse and keyboard functionalities into one slim foot pedal design with the feature to create your own bindings.”
***STFUandWin.net – July 2011