Omnimouse Top Down

The R2 Omnimouse

“A new breed of gaming mouse”

Put comfort, precision and intelligence at your fingertips with a new kind of gaming mouse. The Omnimouse’s patented Rotary Grip Form Function delivers extreme handling performance, and its seven Smart Buttons give you all the control you’ll need. More than a mouse, the Omnimouse is an intelligent controller with self-contained computing resources that can send complex commands on a button press, creating unrivalled performance. IDI Technology endows the Omnimouse with IDI Smart Buttons, gesture recognition, and an unprecedented degree of customizability.

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Precise, Ergonomic Finger-tip Grip

Conventional mice invite you to rest your palm on the mouse and control the mouse with your wrist. Hold the Omnimouse with your fingertips, like a fat pencil, and feel carpal tunnel and RSI symptoms disappear.

Soft Buttons Eliminate Click-Stress

With the Omnimouse’s rubber, clickless buttons, mouse clicks are faster, easier, and less stressful to your tendons than their conventional counterpart.

Intelligent and Easy to Program

Program your Omnimouse with any keyboard or mouse action, combination, or sequence. Use IDI™ Smart Button™ capabilities to fire different actions on press and release, taps and holds, and more! Then, assign Smart Buttons and macros to your keyboard keys! Build up to 30 application-specific configurations that automatically switch to your active program.

Pressure-sensitive Grip Buttons

Lightly squeeze the Omnimouse for 3 pressure-sensitive buttons underneath the grip. Like the 4 buttons on top, the grip buttons are click-free and low-stress, providing comfort, ease of access and lightning-fast response.


The R2 Omnimouse is more than a gaming mouse.

Aside from its ergonomic design, stress-free buttons, and pinpoint accuracy, the Omnimouse is a new kind of intelligent input device, with its own 32-bit computing hardware and software. Controlling the R2 Omnimouse is IDI™, a hybrid Input Device Intelligence technology by GWS that delivers a completely new kind of input capability. IDI gives you powerful new studio-grade control over input. It connects to other input devices and puts them under your control. (Every Omnimouse includes a free hardware macro system for your USB keyboard.) IDI connects to your monitor and speakers for your personalized input feedback use. It can even “talk’ to you, using voice sound files. IDI presents a new scripting language, a new kind of macro, and a new way to strategically use your PC.

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Weighing in at 2.5 oz, the small, circular RTR-720 is approx 35% lighter and smaller than the average desktop mouse. Smaller and lighter means faster, more precise action, with less movement and work.

Rotary Grip Form Function™

Placing the small circular mouse between the fingers and thumb enables the ultra-precise compound motion of the fingers to contribute to mouse movement. This means the mouse can be moved twice as fast or with double the accuracy of conventional handheld desktop mice.


7 total – with 4 buttons on top and 3 pressure zones built into the wrap around rubber grip, there is a button at every fingertip. Grip zones with Shift functions can quadruple the commands available from the other buttons.


1600 dpi (optical) for precise aiming and control. X and Y axis sensitivity are individually and dynamically adjustable.

Top Exiting Mouse Cord

Eliminates drag for cordless perfomance.

Independent Onboard Processing Power

The RTR-720 contains its own CPU, memory, and software for advanced performance without special disc-based drivers. The RTR-720 contains more than 5 times the processing power of the original IBM PC or Apple IIe which it uses to intelligently manage an innovative new suite of controls and binding capabilities.

Onboard Memory

The RTR-720 with PAL 2.0 Mouse Controls and Binding Engine features the capability to save, store, and manage 30 complete sets of configuration instructions. Profiles are stored in onboard memory and can be dynamically changed to automatically or manually configure the RTR for use with specific applications or games. 32k of non-volatile onboard memory enables highly customized configurations to be automatically loaded upon program activation–completely independently of the machine it is plugged to.

Integrated Keyboard

The RTR-720 Mark II contains the capability of a full-function PC keyboard with four modifier keys and 6-key rollover. Complex mouse/keyboard sequences can be pre-programmed into memory and are usable on a single button press.

Smart Buttons™

Depending on how it is pressed, (tapped, double clicked, or normal press,) an RTR-720 button will do one of 3 things, tripling button use over conventional mice.

8 Way Scroll

The RTR-720 mouse can be dynamically switched to “8-way scroll mode” where XY movement is translated into 8 discrete events corresponding to the 8 points of a compass. This enables 8 separate commands from a directional flick of the mouse, and is the fastest possible weapon switching system available on a mouse.

Smart Buttons

IDI™ Tech teaches an old button some new tricks

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It’s not your grandpa’s plain old “on or off” button

There was a time when all you needed was a simple button press to get something done in a game. But in modern PC games it ain’t so simple. Its 2, 3, 4 clicks or key presses to do anything. But Grandpa always said “Play Smart, Not Hard” and that’s the point of Smart Buttons™ ; they get multi-command, multi-step game tasks down to a single button or even a single press.Think Schwarzenegger meets Einstein. Five types of very smart, very aggressive Smart Buttons™ get your tasks done with ruthless efficiency.

If you build them, they will own

Fortunately, Smart button capabilities are simple to assign to buttons. They are specified with simple macro instructions, and you can easily build macros of each Smart Button type using the MacroBuilder™ module of the Omnimouse Configurator. A wizard interface guides you through all the selections, so no programming is needed, just a wicked strategic idea.
And of course you can download and share macros with others, the DLC works and is free.

Need to send commands faster?
The Press/Release Smart Button™ will kick your command input speed into overdrive, sending the same command at double speed or 2 related commands on the same button press, one on the press and the other on the release.
• Easily send the perfect double jump with space bound to the press and again to the release of a button
• Lie prone and defuse a bomb with one press, and plant a claymore mine and pop up with the release

Want to click a button or key instead of having to hold it down?
Toggle Smart Button™ allows you to turn on or off any command with subsequent presses. It’s strategic advantage is to allow the tap of a button to have the effect of holding a button down. (The next tap releases the button) It frees up fingers and can be used with any game command. It’s also the most efficient button to use to switch between 2 different weapons, items, or commands.

Want to switch between 2-3 items or weapons quickly with a single button?
The favored strategic use of the Timed Press Smart Button™ is to quickly change between up to 3 items or commands, signaled by the duration of the press of a single button.
• Tap quickly to shoot, hold longer to reload, or keep it down to draw your pistol in your favorite FPS
• Easily select between 3 spells with a tap, brief, and long hold in Dragon Age

Want to send different commands on a tap, press and hold?
The Sequence Smart Button™ sends a series of commands that you specify to complete a game task, all from the same button, for the ultimate in control ease. If for some reason you don’t need to complete the full series of commands you can specify a time out period and the button will reset.

Want to access special commands for special game circumstances?
The Shift Smart Button™ gives the other buttons alternate command settings, similar to the way the Shift key works on the keyboard. Shift Smart Buttons can create up to 4 sets of alternate commands for each of the 7 Omnimouse buttons.
• Want to swap your footpedal controls just while flying that helicopter? Just tap or hold a ‘shift’ button
• Want to return to the game this time as a medic, and play with special controls? Tap a Shift button and swap the mouse buttons to another command set

IDI Tech

Endowed with IDI™ Tech, the Omnimouse is an independent, driver-free, intelligent USB input device.

It does everything other devices do with disk based drivers (and more), except with its own onboard processor and memory. Its own processor, running at 72Mhz, performs real time operations and calculations and does not lag. It easily hosts powerful input enhancement features not available in other driver-based devices. It saves all user customization information in memory inside the device. It plugs and just works with Windows, Mac and Linux based computers. Its firmware is upgradeable via internet. It stores 30 sets of configurations, and its memory can be backed up to disk. Its user-generated customization ideas are scriptable. Its macro files and DLC can be shared and downloaded by the community

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This is your keyboard on IDI™

IDI™-based Keyboard Shadowing™ and Virtual Button™ technology enables Omnimouse macros on 32 keyboard keys per program.
Smart keys – Assign any keyboard key Smart Button behavior, allowing strategic multiple-command output from a single key.  Use Press/Release; tap, press, and hold; create your own toggle keys, and use programmed sequential press operations with keyboard keys too.
Adjacent key combos – Designate any set of 2-5 keyboard keys to be pressed together and recognized as a key combo, most effective with adjacent keys
Keyboard conditionals – Expand Omnimouse Mark III command capability by changing the default output of any button if a particular keyboard key is pressed
Learn more about enhancing your keyboard with IDI Tech™ >>

Another Game, Another Control Scheme

IDI™-based support for swappable game settings (up to 30) rewards you for maximizing the effectiveness of each button for each game. Assign your Omnimouse to in-game commands and macros designed just for your game. Set up game art to display on the game page of your Configurator™ and automatically switch controls when you start playing.
Onboard Memory Profiles – Store up to 30 game configurations in your Omnimouse. Back up the Omnimouse’s complete configuration memory to a single disk file. Create different sets of configurations, save them to disk, and then swap them to enable unlimited use of game configurations.

Game-Specific DLC

Keep taps on our blog for the hottest user-created IDI™ content, like game configurations and macros designed by our most hardcore users. Download content packs for individual games (and applications) that include custom macros, plug in game command menus, Pedal configuration layouts, game specific help and tips, and game art for skinning your Configurator™ game home page.
Learn more about game-specific control schemes >>