Fragpedal Dual

The Fragpedal Dual

All the smarts of the Quad

Half the pedals

Winning games is all about fast, strategic, game input, and the 2 button Fragpedal Dual Gaming Footpedal is all about leveling up your game command power by adding foot input. The 2 button Fragpedal Dual is perfect for those who only need a couple of buttons, and is also easily upgraded to the Quad. You are as fast with your feet as with your hands and using your feet reduces manual stress and improves your keyboard and mouse handling. You owe it to yourself to give the single-foot Fragpedal Dual a try. The little brother to the Fragpedal Quad is built on powerful IDI™ Intelligent Input Device technology developed from over 5 years of pioneering experience with gaming footpedals and includes an exclusive  set of gamer-requested  hardware-based input enhancement features.  Best kept gamer’s secret:  Save 25% on the Fragpedal Dual Gaming Footpedal $79.95 MSRP with introductory pricing NOW risk-free with our 30 day no-questions-asked return policy. Upgrade your Fragpedal Dual to the Quad by simply purchasing an additional pedal and cord from our online store!

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You can’t kick ass if you don’t use your feet
If they’re good enough to drive a car, you know they can drive your game.

• Fire weapons with your feet!
• Zoom with your feet!
• Cast spells with your feet!
• Control movement with your feet!
• Scroll with your feet!

Four individually-adjustable buttons, two on each pad.
Adjust pedal resistance by raising or lowering the flexible pedal. Adjustable in 5 steps. Keep the pedals low for hair-trigger response, or raise them up for tactile feedback and a distinct press. Or, move the pedals left or right (5 spacings) for a wide or narrow stance

Step onto the cutting edge
IDI™ (Input Device Intelligence) technology powering the Fragpedal Dual runs on an industry leading 32 bit processor (the STM32™ by ST Microelectronics) running at 72 MHz with 8Mb of flash memory support. Enabled by 20X the computing power of other gaming devices, the Fragpedal Dual’s advanced input enhancement features push the bounds of input technology.

Learn more about IDI Tech >>

Maximum Programmability and Intelligence
Program your Fragpedal with any keyboard or mouse action, combination, or sequence. Plus, use IDI™ Smart Button™ capabilities to fire different actions on press and release, taps and holds, and more! Then, assign Smart Buttons and macros to your keyboard keys! Build up to 30 configurations, housing each of your control schemes designed for different games, play styles and applications, and switch automatically when you play the game.


This “foot cannon” is developed from over 5 years of pioneering experience with gaming foot pedals

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Embedded Intelligence and Memory

The STM32™ microprocessor and its 8 Mbits of flash memory endow the Fragpedal with the intelligence to manage 30 discrete sets of device and button settings, for use with specific games or applications. Configurations and macros are stored onboard, so the pedals can be plugged to different machines with full functionality.

100% Keyboard and Mouse Emulation

Support for the full command set for keyboards, mice, and joysticks, including sending key presses, key combos, typing, mouse buttons, scrolling, X, Y and Z cursor movement, and X, Y, & Z axis joystick movement

Keyboard Shadowing™

Keyboard activity monitoring technology that enables the IDI™ Macro Engine to detect and precisely synchonize the user’s keyboard input with the Fragpedal (or other IDI device) Keyboard Shadowing enables several Fragpedal features that provide new ergo efficient input options

Learn more about Keyboard Shadowing™ >>

Perpetual Dependability

The Fragpedal Dual will never wear out. That’s because 100% of the Fragpedal Dual parts are easily user replaceable. The 100% modular design requires at most a single screw to replace any worn or broken part and keep on kickin’. All parts are stocked at Gamingmouse.com

Onscreen Display

IDI MacroChat™ technology in the Fragpedal supports a macro-controlled pop up transparent window that will display over any windowed game and in which you can place text for use with complex macros, providing timing alerts, command confirmation and many other uses

Sound and voice feedback

The Fragpedal’s IDI™ based MacroChat™ uses the PC’s sound resources from within macros, so you can create macros that produce auditory feedback, including voice feedback. Voice feedback (which you can hear privately over a headset,) uses a female Australian voice

Updateable Firmware

The firmware (operating software for the device) can be updated over the internet after you have purchased the device. GWS frequently updates product firmware to correct issues and provide new features

No special drivers required

GWS IDI™ technology allows the Fragpedal to plug and play and just work with full capability as programmed. No proprietry software drivers to install. Compatible with Mac OSX, Linux, and all versions of Windows including 32/64 bit Vista and Windows 7

Virtual Buttons™

Virtual button technology is used to place Fragmedal macros on up to 32 keyboard keys per game configuration. Native key actions are not affected, macros are activated “on top” of the standard key behavior

Learn more about Virtual Button™ technology >>

Fully compatible with the R2 Mk III Omnimouse

Shares IDI 1.0 technology and can cooperatively send macros

Smart Buttons

IDI™ Tech teaches an old button some new tricks

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It’s not your grandpa’s plain old “on or off” button

There was a time when all you needed was a simple button press to get something done in a game. But in modern PC games it ain’t so simple. Its 2, 3, 4 clicks or key presses to do anything. But Grandpa always said “Play Smart, Not Hard” and that’s the point of Smart Buttons™ ; they get multi-command, multi-step game tasks down to a single button or even a single press.Think Schwarzenegger meets Einstein. Five types of very smart, very aggressive Smart Buttons™ get your gaming tasks done with ruthless efficiency.

If you build them, they will own

Fortunately, Smart button capabilities are simple to assign to buttons. They are specified with simple macro instructions, and you can easily build macros of each Smart Button type using the MacroBuilder™ module of the Fragpedal Configurator. A wizard interface guides you through all the selections, so no programming is needed, just a wicked strategic idea.
And of course you can download and share macros with others, the DLC works and is free.

Need to send commands faster?
The Press/Release Smart Button™ will kick your command input speed into overdrive, sending the same command at double speed or 2 related commands on the same button press, one on the press and the other on the release.
• Easily send the perfect double jump with space bound to the press and again to the release of a button
• Lie prone and defuse a bomb with one press, and plant a claymore mine and pop up with the release

Want to click a button or key instead of having to hold it down?
Toggle Smart Button™ allows you to turn on or off any command with subsequent presses. It’s strategic advantage is to allow the tap of a button to have the effect of holding a button down. (The next tap releases the button) It frees up fingers and can be used with any game command. It’s also the most efficient button to use to switch between 2 different weapons, items, or commands.

Want to switch between 2-3 items or weapons quickly with a single button?
The favored strategic use of the Timed Press Smart Button™ is to quickly change between up to 3 items or commands, signaled by the duration of the press of a single button.
• Tap quickly to shoot, hold longer to reload, or keep it down to draw your pistol in your favorite FPS
• Easily select between 3 spells with a tap, brief, and long hold in Dragon Age

Want to send different commands on a tap, press and hold?
The Sequence Smart Button™ sends a series of commands that you specify to complete a game task, all from the same button, for the ultimate in control ease. If for some reason you don’t need to complete the full series of commands you can specify a time out period and the button will reset.

Want to access special commands for special game circumstances?
The Shift Smart Button™ gives the other buttons alternate command settings, similar to the way the Shift key works on the keyboard. Shift Smart Buttons can create up to 4 sets of alternate commands for each of the 4 Fragpedal buttons. (Think 16 buttons!)
• Want to swap your footpedal controls just while flying that helicopter? Just tap or hold a ‘shift’ key
• Want to return to the game this time as a medic, and play with special controls? Tap a Shift button and swap the 4 pedal buttons to another command set

IDI Tech

Endowed with IDI™ Tech, the Fragpedal Dual is an independent, driver-free, intelligent USB input device.

It does everything other devices do with disk based drivers (and more), except with its own onboard processor and memory. Its own processor, running at 72Mhz, performs real time operations and calculations and does not lag. It easily hosts powerful input enhancement features not available in other driver-based devices. It saves all user customization information in memory inside the device. It plugs and just works with Windows, Mac and Linux based computers. Its firmware is upgradeable via internet. It stores 30 sets of configurations, and its memory can be backed up to disk. Its user-generated customization ideas are scriptable. Its macro files and DLC can be shared and downloaded by the community

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This is your keyboard on IDI™

IDI™-based Keyboard Shadowing™ and Virtual Button™ technology enables Fragpedal macros on 32 keyboard keys a game.
Smart keys – Assign any keyboard key Smart Button behavior, allowing strategic multiple-command output from a single key.  Use Press/Release; tap, press, and hold; create your own toggle keys, and use programmed sequential press operations with keyboard keys too.
Adjacent key combos – Designate any set of 2-5 keyboard keys to be pressed together and recognized as a key combo, most effective with adjacent keys
Keyboard conditionals – Expand Fragpedal command capability by changing the default output of any button if a particular keyboard key is pressed
Learn more about enhancing your keyboard with IDI Tech™ >>

Another Game, Another Control Scheme

IDI™-based support for swappable game settings (up to 30) rewards you for maximizing the effectiveness of each button for each game. Assign your Fragpedal to in-game commands and macros designed just for your game. Set up game art to display on the game page of your Configurator™ and automatically switch controls when you start playing.
Onboard Memory Profiles – Store up to 30 game configuations in your Fragpedal. Back up the Fragpedal’s complete configuration memory to a single disk file. Create different sets of configurations, save them to disk, and then swap them to enable unlimited use of game configurations.

Game-Specific DLC

Keep taps on our blog for the hottest user-created IDI™ content, like game configurations and macros designed by our most hardcore users. Download content packs for individual games (and applications) that include custom macros, plug in game command menus, Pedal configuration layouts, game specific help and tips, and game art for skinning your Configurator™ game home page.
Learn more about game-specific control schemes >>


Fragpedal Dual PC Gaming FootpedalFragpedal pedalFragpedal pedalFragpedal Control Box


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Fragpedal Dual PC Gaming Footpedal by Good Work Systems
Weight: 15 oz
USB cord: 5′
Modularity: 100% – All of the Fragpedal Dual parts are easily user replaceable. The modular design requires at most a single screw to replace any worn or broken part. You can upgrade the Fragpedal Dual to the Quad by purchasing an additional pedal and cord. All parts are stocked at Gamingmouse.com.
Color: matte black
Pads (1) with 2 buttons
Size 9 1/2″ long x 5″ wide x 3/4″ thick
Pedals: 2
Press distance: .020″ to 1/2″ adjustable in 5 steps
Spacing: 1 3/4″ to 5 1/2″ adjustable in 5 steps
Buttons: 2
Type: tactile switch, sealed, user replaceable
Operating force: 250-5000GF adjustable in 5 steps
Lifetime: 500,000 presses (each)
USB: Compliant 2.0 Full Speed, Low Power
Polling 4 ms (250 times per second)
Compatibility: Fully Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 32 and 64 bit. Plug and play compatibility with Mac OS and Linux Distros *Configuration software not natively supported for Mac OS
Settings saved internally The full set of user configuration data for up to 30 game configurations is stored in internal memory (8Mb) allowing full access to settings regardless of machine. Device memory contents can be saved to disk for backup and swapping.
Driverless operation: All device operations are handled by the onboard processor and softwware, no host machine computing cycles are used for Fragpedal features. No special drivers are required, features simple plug and play operation on any Windows, Linus, or Mac machine.
Processor: STM32™ by ST Microelectronics
Data Path: 32 bit
Clock Speed: 72 MGHz
Compute Power: 95 Million instructions per second, 70 parallel threads
Memory: 8 Mb
Type: Flash
Storage: 30 configuration pages
Firmware: v 1.0.6 – by Good Work Systems – Upgradeable over internet
Operating System: IDI v1.01 by Good Work Systems (Input Device Intelligence)
Macro Engine: v1.02 by Good Work Systems – Supports the full command set for keyboards, mice, and joysticks
Scripting Language: IDIScript v1.02 by Good Work Systems
Configuration Application: IDI Device Configurator v1.0.6 by Good Work Systems (IDIConfig.exe) Can run on a thumb drive and includes the MacroBuilder™ module for creation of complex IDI macros without programming
Application Awareness™ Device memory configuration swapping technology based on the current active game or program. Automatically swaps configurations in working Fragpedal memory within 30ms of entering a game or application.
Input Capability  
Mouse: sends all system mouse commands from left click to Mouse 8, scrolling, and cursor movement
Keyboard: sends key presses, key combo presses, and streaming text up to 750 WPM
Joystick: sends buttons and X, Y, and Z axis data
Command input rate: up to 80 per second
Command delays: assignment of delays between commands from 1 ms to hours
Repeating commands: supports looping or repeating commands
Randomization: can produce random values for commands (ex. produce randomized side strafing control)
Mixed device commands can generate unlimited stream of mixed-device input commands on a button press to automate input
IDI Tech Features
Smart Buttons: Virtual mechanical button capability is assignable to buttons (by macro) which upgrades and changes the functional operation of the button.. A set of Smart Button implementations create mechanically enhanced buttons that send programmable sets of commands to automate game input
Press/Release: A primary command or set of commands is sent when the button is pressed;
A second command or set of commands may be sent when the button is released..
***Strategic use is to increase speed of commands.
By sending the same command on both the press and release, command repeat speed is doubled. Other strategic uses as well.
Toggle: A command or set of commands is sent on the odd button presses
A second command or set of commands is sent on the even button presses
***Strategic use is to allow the tap of a button to have the effect of holding a button down.
(The next tap releases the button) It frees up fingers and can be used with any game command. Most efficient method to turn something on and off or switch between 2 different commands.
Timed Press: A command or set of commands is sent on a quick tap of the button
A command or set of commands is sent on the brief press of the button
A command or set of commands is sent on a slightly longer hold of the button
Button press timing thresholds are set by user
***Strategic use is to quickly change between up to 3 items or commands with a single button.
Sequence: A different command or set of commands is sent on sequential button presses,
The commands loop through up to 10 press/command sequences.
Command sequence can be interrupted and reset if timing between commands exceeds a user set value.
***Strategic use is to send a series of commands upon your timing, from the same button to achieve a game objective
Shift: (Internal button control function similar to the Shift key on a keyboard)
Pressing a button assigned the Shift function allows a second set of commands for the other buttons.
Assigning a Shift button to the Fragpedal Quad enables 6 Fragpedal button assignments.
Supports up to 3 shifts (using keyboard keys) for a total of 16 Fragpedal button assignments
***Strategic use is to double or triple command capability with secondary command/tertiary button assignments
Keyboard Shadowing™: Keyboard activity monitoring technology that enables the IDI Macro Engine to detect and precisely synchonize the user’s keyboard input with the Fragpedal. Keyboard Shadowing enables several Fragpedal features that provide new gaming input options
smart keyboard keys: any keyboard key can be assigned smart button behavior, allowing strategic multiple-command output from a single key – just like a Fragpedal button
keyboard conditionals: method for creating additional strategic command vectors: The up/down status of a designated keyboard key at the time of a Fragpedal button press can change the button commands being sent
adjacent key combos: designate any set of 2-5 keyboard keys to be pressed together and recognized as a key combo, usually most effective with adjacent keys. Greatly extends the options for key combos.
Virtual Buttons™: Virtual button technology is used to place Fragpedal macros on keyboard keys. Native key actions are not affected, macros are activated “on top” of the standard key behavior
macros on keys: place macros on up to 32 keys per configuration
Macro Chat™: Audio/Display technology that enables macros to provide audio or display feedback or information to the user during gameplay. Can be used to set and report timers, confirm macro command operations, and display current button and key macro assignments
audio: use either voice or sound .wav files to alert you via the sound system. Voice files are linked together in macros to produce response phrases as desired. (Voice is female Australian)
Onscreen display: Text messages, confirmations, and feedback are displayed in a transparent window that pops up over the application window. (Display does not function in full windowed games) Display and removal of Text window is macro controlled.
MSRP: $79.95 (Currently on sale at $64.95)


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“Back on May 4, 2006 I bought one of your very first Fragpedals. I called and spoke with a very nice gentleman who sent me the program to get it installed on my computer. I am a 67 year old, one arm fellow that absolutely lives to game and your ‘Fragpedal – Gaming Footpedal’ has allowed me to play along with everyone else. Many, many thanks!”
***H.L. – Tigard, Oregon – May 2011

“Just more thoughts as I become more familiar with IDI. It definitely is the new technology for peripherals in my opinion. Not much you can’t do with it.
***T.V. – San Antonio, Texas – September 2009

“Got the new pedals and they are working like a charm.  Absolutely perfect for Battlefield!”
***J.G. – Midland, Ontario – June 2010

“Really like the Fragpedal and software. Very nice Config Tool … respect … IDI system is just like WOW !”
***M.K. – Sollies-pont, France – July 2010

“The Fragpedal II is my secret weapon now.  Even better than the Elite.  Clicking buttons would be nice, but I’m getting used to using me feets in the game and there’s no going back.”
***P.F. – Brighton, CO – March 2010

“Thanks again for such a great product and fabulous service.”
*** A.R. – Vero Beach, Florida – November 2010

”When I first got my new job working for an audio company, I began to get severe RSI symptoms within 2 weeks. My job involved a lot of programming and computer work and when I came home I relaxed with RTS strategy games on the PC and my creative time involved using a computer as well. Everything computer. I had to come home and just lay in bed because I couldn’t touch a mouse. I desperately searched for a way to help my RSI. I tried trackballs, wacom tablets, the Quill Mouse, trackpads… nothing was enough. I realized I had to use a different muscle group and that something must exist. I looked everywhere for something I could use my feet for, which were just sitting there. I saw some footpedals which looked very clunky and were very expensive.

Then I came across the Fragpedal, which was developed for gamers originally. I had my company buy me this for ergonomic work purposes and it has literally saved my “life”. My job and my relaxation, recreation, and creative time, are all possible with the pedals. It did not take long to get acclimated and offsetting the mouse clicks was the key. I use the Quill Mouse to position the cursor quickly and accurately (unlike a trackball, trakpad, or wacom… the mouse is the fastest and most accurate). In this way I maintain that speed for programming, music production, and gaming, while diversifying my muscle groups.

It may seem strange to use your feet, but get over it. This is a life saver for repetitive stress injury (tendinitis, carpal tunnel etc) and I’m surprised more people don’t know about these pedals. I have a friend who is still suffering because he thinks the pedals aren’t “cool” or perhaps he thinks it would make him look disabled. He uses a wacom tablet and auto hot keys to mouse click with his left hand but it’s not enough. Whatever your reservations might be, I’m telling you first hand, muscle group diversification to the feet is the missing link, and these pedals are the tool to do that. Congratulations on finding this review! It means you’ve found an answer, a real one that will work and your pain will soon go away.”
***S. H. – Berkeley, CA – July 2011
Audio Tools developer for Akai, Numark, Alesis
Computer Music Composer 

Thanks a lot for the help with the macros.  I am seriously owning with the pedals in COD: Black Ops, especially nice to toggle the right click with my foot instead of on the mouse!”
***L.D. –  Glen Carbon, Illinois – January 2011

“The Fragpedal Quad is what I’ve been waiting for.  You guys are awesome!  Love how I can set the buttons any way I want.”
***B.T. –  Papillion, NE – June 2011

“You might remember me, I had to send my Fragpedal Elite in when button 4 stopped working, after an incident where some beer got on (in) the pedals. Totally LOVE this Quad!  I already reset all the buttons (height and spacing) and it’s a piece of cake, so easy to maintain.”
***V.H. – Bel  Air, Maryland – April 2011

The Quad rocks!  Thanks for putting up with my emails over the years, but you guys got this one right!
***J.P.  –  Oslo, Norway – June 2011

“Quick, proficient…  Talk about the best customer service I’ve had in all my life.  Thank you for being so understanding of my needs and worries and especially thank you for finding a solution to all of them! Wow… I still can’t believe it you know.  So I have to tell you again. You guys are really great. You’ll be getting some great reviews through the grapevine and my boyfriend will know every detail of your awesome customer service :) ”
***M.C. – Puyallup, Washington – November 2010

“These pedals are the best gaming hardware I have bought.  I taped them down on the floor and I use them for firing, leaning, and other stuff.  I was amazed how much firing with my feet improved my aim! Just no wiggle or shake ever, shots are right on.”
***D.F. – Cork, Cork County, Ireland – December 2010

“5 out of 5 Stars
I am so satisfied with the Fragpedal II!
I’d like to say a little something about the folks at Good Work Systems. They are absolutely outstanding and I don’t think I’ve ever had better customer service. All my emails to them were replied within 10 minutes with long, detailed information. They shipped it the same day payment was received and gave clear instructions on how to manually pay with paypal.”
***L.Y. – Douglasville, Georgia – October 2010

***J.B.  – Hillsboro, Oregon – June 2011

“P.S. Thanks again for making such a great product. The Fragpedal is the ULTIMATE gaming device.
P.S.S. I tell everyone I know about it. :D ”
***R.H. – Kobenhavn, Denmark – August 2010

“I recently received my Fragpedal Quad in the mail and I love it!  Great job!”
***C.F. – Antwerp, Belgium –  July 2011

“…since the new Fragpedal Quad design allows for the replacement of any breakable parts, the durability factor of this gaming oriented foot pedal is hard to beat.”
S.O. – Bayville, New Jersey – May 2011

“Imagine being on the Battlefield and needing to throw your mate a medic pack, then switching back to your main weapon with a flick of the toe!  How about doing the same thing with the flick of toe and throwing a tomahawk in Call of Duty Black Ops. Virtually endless modifications and binding are available with this system.  It combined the mouse and keyboard functionalities into one slim foot pedal design with the feature to create your own bindings.”
***STFUandWin.net – July 2011