Here at Good Work Systems, we’re always working on increasing our library of IDI (Input Device Intelligence) support for your favorite games and applications. We provide you IDI content to enable enhanced performance tailored specifically for your use. If we don’t have enhanced support for your game or application, request it!

Types of IDI Content

Game Configurations

These game-specific file packs offer suggested controls and macros for a single game. These are regularly subjects of blog posts submitted by hardcore IDI users. They typically include game-specific macros, a controls file (so your Configurator can display the in-game controls), and Configurator Utility skins.

Bulk Content Packs

These comprehensive file packs offer enhanced game support in bulk, for your convenience.

Device Memory Saves

Load these onto your IDI device to instantly set up our game-specific configurations on your device. Note: Make sure you back up your device memory first, or it will be over-written.


IDI Software

IDI Configurator Software

Windows IDI Device Configurator (exe) – This is the current Windows (XP to Windows 11) Configuration Application “Configurator” for the GWS IDI Devices: R2  Omnimouse, Fragpedal, Omnipedal, and AMP. It includes the current device firmware version 1.0.7 and will update your IDI devices. This upgrade contains all default support and help files INCLUDING sound files (used for feedback in macros.)

Mac IDI Configurator 3.0(zip) – This version of the Mac OSX Configurator supports the Omnimouse and Fragpedal II with firmware revised to 1.0.4b9. Includes new scroll macros, sound files, and more.

GWS Smart Device CU (msi) – Configuration Application for older PAL-based mice and footpedals.

Recommended Updates

IDI Sounds Pak – This download contains over 190 IDI voice and sound files for use with IDI macros. (These are included in the newest IDI Device Installer above.) In case your installation is missing sound files, download this file pak and unzip to the \sound subdirectory.

Enhanced Application Support

We strongly recommend downloading any support for games or applications that you intend on using, to improve your experience. If you’d like to start with a pre-configured IDI device, check out the device memory saves.

Content Packs

Bulk Game Packs

IDI Content Updater v108 – The comprehensive content file, with new system files and support for: Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, Batman Arkham Asylum, Battlefield 2, BioShock, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Crysis 2, Dead Space 2, DiRT 2, Dragon Age Origins, Dragon Age 2, Fallout 3, Mass Effect, Portal, Starcraft II, Team Fortress 2, The Witcher, World of Warcraft

Device Memory Saves

Fragpedal Memory Default – This save only has one configuration: desktop.

Fragpedal Memory 16 Games – This save supports Assassin’s Creed, Dragon Age 1 & 2, Dirt 3, Portal, Starcraft II, Team Fortress 2, and more.

Fragpedal Memory Assorted – This save includes detailed profiles, including Tim’s Black Ops pack and Greg’s Minecraft pack

Programs A-M

Aion Online

IDI Aion Pack – 3 profiles with 3 images and 3 Smart Buttons macros, as described here.Tap/Press/Hold buttons enable three quickbar items per Fragpedal button, or you can use shift levels to get a similar utility. The settings in this profile are included in the MMO device memory save.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Multi-Class Profiles – submitted by Oyvind. 5 images for 4 profiles and 3 smart button macros from Oyvind’s profile. Press/release macros enable for you to select and use gadgets simply by pressing and then releasing a pedal. Or, press a button to grab a grenade, and release the button to throw it. The profiles are optimized per class, so you can change your style based on your equipment.

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Demolition and All-Around Profiles – submitted by Tim. Four macros and 5 background images for each of Tim’s suggested profiles. Install to the /IDI Device directory. In the Configurator, select the background images and macro file for Black Ops. Then, set up the profiles as specified in Tim’s post.

Crysis 2

Profile w/ Smart Buttons – submitted by Kimo. Five macros and 4 background images featured in Kimo’s Crysis 2 profile.

Dead Space 2

Profile w/ Smart Buttons – submitted by Steve. Highlight: Necromorph Auto-Shake macro, Tap/Press Smart Button for stomping/running, Tap/Press Smart Button for weapon selections. Contents: Macros, three images, two control schemes, and controls file.

DiRT 2

Basic Configuration – Contents: Two control schemes, 3 images and controls file

DiRT 3

Basic Configuration – Contents: Two control schemes, 3 images and controls file

Dragon Age Origins

Commander Profile – submitted by Justin. Highlights: Triple- and double-action tap/press/hold actions for hotkey abilities and character select. Contents: Four macros for the Commander set-up.

Duke Nukem Forever

Configuration with Macros – Contents: Two macros, two classic Duke Nukem 3D images, and a control file according to our Duke Nukem Forever configuration.


Three Profiles – Three images and a control file as featured in Greg’s Minecraft profile. All you need to load up The Handyman, The Industrial Miner, and the Laptop Miner

Programs N-Z

The Witcher

Basic Configuration – Highlights: Suggested controls for swordplay, as described at this blog post. Contents: two profiles, 3 images and controls file.