The Omnipedal Quad

The Omnipedal Quad is a state of the art ergonomic foot pedal. It combines the most advanced programming technology with easy-to-use software and a sleek, durable construction. With our easy-to-use IDI software, the pedals can be easily configured to send any mouse click, keyboard key, or combination or sequence. Plus, for the tech savvy user, the Omnipedal’s IDI technology enables advanced button types, such as press/release, tap/press/hold buttons, and more. The Omnipedal is used creatively by a broad range of professionals, including video and audio editors, programmers, data entry workers, and more. Once configured, it can be easily moved from one computer to the other and keep all its settings. We highly recommend it for computer users with carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain injury, or tendonitis.

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Activate Mouse Clicks

For many users, straining to hold the mouse still while clicking a button is the biggest cause of carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, and related disorders. The Omnipedal supports left, right, middle, and double clicks, plus scroll up and scroll down.

Send Keys, Combos and Strings

Easily send any keyboard key, including letters, numbers, Tab, Shift, Enter, etc. Or easily create your own combo, like CTRL+C or CTRL+A, to free up your hands for frequently used hotkeys. The Omnipedal even supports delays and can type long strings of text.

We’ll Configure it for you!

We know setting up new devices can be confusing, since you’ve never used the software before. If you have trouble configuring a button with our easy-to-use software, just let us know how you want it to work and we’ll program the button and send it to you!

Advanced Button Types

Thanks to IDI technology, the Omnipedal is the smartest foot pedal on the market. It stores 30 distinct application-specific configurations, so you can take it anywhere. And you can configure IDI Smart Buttons, so a button will do different actions on press-and-release, or a short tap versus a longer press or hold!


Developed from over 5 years of pioneering experience with intelligent gaming and ergonomic foot pedals.

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Embedded Intelligence and Memory

The STM32™ microprocessor and its 8 Mbits of flash memory endow the Omnipedal with the intelligence to manage 30 discrete sets of device and button settings, for use with specific games or applications. Configurations and macros are stored onboard, so the pedals can be plugged to different machines with full functionality.

100% Keyboard and Mouse Emulation

Support for the full command set for keyboards, mice, and joysticks, including sending key presses, key combos, typing, mouse buttons, scrolling, X, Y and Z cursor movement, and X, Y, & Z axis joystick movement

Keyboard Shadowing™

Keyboard activity monitoring technology that enables the IDI™ Macro Engine to detect and precisely synchonize the user’s keyboard input with the Omnipedal (or other IDI device) Keyboard Shadowing enables several Omnipedal features that provide new ergo efficient input options
Learn more about Keyboard Shadowing™ >>

Perpetual Dependability

The Omnipedal Quad will never wear out. That’s because 100% of the Omnipedal Quad parts are easily user replaceable. The 100% modular design requires at most a single screw to replace any worn or broken part and keep on kickin’. All parts are stocked at Gamingmouse.com

Onscreen Display

IDI MacroChat™ technology in the Omnipedal supports a macro-controlled pop up transparent window that will display over any windowed game and in which you can place text for use with complex macros, providing timing alerts, command confirmation and many other uses

Sound and voice feedback

The Omnipedal’s IDI™ based MacroChat™ uses the PC’s sound resources from within macros, so you can create macros that produce auditory feedback, including voice feedback. Voice feedback (which you can hear privately over a headset,) uses a female Australian voice

Updateable Firmware

The firmware (operating software for the device) can be updated over the internet after you have purchased the device. GWS frequently updates product firmware to correct issues and provide new features

No special drivers required

GWS IDI™ technology allows the Omnipedal to plug and play and just work with full capability as programmed. No proprietry software drivers to install. Compatible with Mac OSX, Linux, and all versions of Windows including 32/64 bit Vista and Windows 7

Virtual Buttons™

Virtual button technology is used to place Omnipedal macros on up to 32 keyboard keys per game configuration. Native key actions are not affected, macros are activated “on top” of the standard key behavior
Learn more about Virtual Button™ technology >>


Omnipedal Quad PC Gaming FootpedalOmnipedal Quad PC Gaming FootpedalOmnipedal pedalOmnipedal pedalSize 13 foot on pedalSize 7 foot on pedal


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Repetitive Strain Injury, and Tendonitis

Configuring the Omnipedal to reduce hand strain

The repetitive, consistent, and day-long sessions of computer use that many of us experience at work regularly cause strain to our wrists and fingers. The solution to this problem is to change the types of actions that you require of your hands, and we’re here to make this change easy. This is where ergonomic foot pedals come in!

Eliminating Click Stress

Most experts agree that mouse clicks are the most dangerous actions in computer use to your fingers. For users suffering from carpal tunnel or related disorders, we highly recommend using the Omnipedal to preempt your fingers from having to click. Configuring the Omnipedal to left-click and right-click will relieve strain from your pointer and middle fingers. If you scroll with your mouse frequently, we also recommend shifting scroll commands to the Omnipedal. Imagine an Omnipedal with scroll up and down on one foot, and left-click and right-click on the other! You can even use a Smart Button to send a double-click when you hold down left-click for a designated time period with a Timed Press Button. Imagine how your hands will feel without this stress!

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General Desktop Use

Configure the Omnipedal to left-click, middle-click, right-click and double-click (default).


Programming in Python: Set a pedal to Tab

Programming in Functional Languages: Set two pedals to <> and <>

Programming in C++: Set two pedals to { and }

Programming in HTML: Use a Press/Release Smart Button to open a tag with a pedal press, and close it by releasing. For example, configure a press to ” < ” and a release to ” /> “.


Configure the pedals to back, forward, and pause/play.

Word Processing

Use hotkeys with a single press. Try CTRL+C and CTRL+V on two pedals (Copy and paste). Then use two more pedals to enlarge or shrink the font size (CTRL + { and CTRL + }).

Web Browsing

Configure two pedals to zoom into a page and make the text bigger, and another to make it smaller (CTRL + – and CTRL + +). Use your other pedals for browser back and forward, or refresh, or perhaps next and previous tab.

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IDI Smart Buttons

IDI™ Tech teaches an old button some new tricks

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A new button behavior

Can’t remember where all those hotkeys are on your keyboard, or want to configure one button to do multiple tasks? That’s why Smart Buttons™ are here to simplify your controls. They take multi-command and multi-step tasks and boil them down to a single press. Five types of very smart, very aggressive Smart Buttons™ get your tasks done with ease and efficiency. Fortunately, Smart button capabilities are simple to assign to buttons. They are specified with simple macro instructions, and you can easily build macros of each Smart Button type using the MacroBuilder™ module in the Omnipedal Configurator. A wizard interface guides you through all the selections, so no programming skills are needed.

Want to cut down on repetition?
The Press/Release Smart Button™ helps you avoid predictable button repetition. You can sending the same command at double speed or send two related commands on the same button press — one on the press and the other on the release.
• Open an HTML tag with the press, type the content, and when you’re done, release the button to close the tag
• Use one button to easily switch between two active windows. Use ALT+TAB on the press and release, and call it a day.

Want to click a button or key instead of having to hold it down?
Toggle Smart Button™ allows you to turn on or off any command with subsequent presses. It’s strategic advantage is to allow the tap of a button to have the effect of holding a button down (the next tap releases the button). It frees up fingers and can be used with any command.

Want different commands on a button tap, press and hold?
The Timed Press Smart Button™ is a great way to increase the number of hotkeys at your command. They can be set as a tap/press or tap/press/hold, for the advanced user. Using Timed Press Smart Buttons, you can easily access 12 commands on your Omnipedal Quad!
• Try setting a “tap” as copy, a “press” as paste, and a “hold” as undo, for example.
• Or set a “tap” to left-click, and a “press” to double-click. The button detects how long a key is held down, and sends the appropriate action!

Want to send different commands in a series?
The Sequence Smart Button™ sends a series of commands that you specify to complete a task, all from the same button, for the ultimate in control ease. If for some reason you don’t need to complete the full series of commands you can specify a time out period and the button will reset.
• Set a button to “copy” the first click, and “paste” on the next press.

Can’t fit all your commands onto your buttons?
The Shift Smart Button™ gives the other buttons alternate command settings, similar to the way the Shift key works on the keyboard. Shift Smart Buttons can create up to 4 sets of alternate commands for each of the 4 Omnipedal buttons. (Think 16 buttons!)
• Press a shift button with your left foot to change the button functions on your right foot.
• Assign a pedal to left-click, and when you shift with your other foot, have it send double-click.