Good Work Systems is an innovative computer peripherals design company headquartered in Berkeley, California with a commitment to developing ergonomic input devices that increase performance and reduce operational stresses. In November of 2002, Good Work Systems introduced the world’s first optical gaming mouse, the RTR-720. The company has specialized in gaming peripherals since 2001 and is currently developing products for both the gaming and DIMAR (Digital Image Manipulation and Rendering) markets. All products run under the company’s flagship proprietary peripheral platform software, IDI™ (Input Device Intelligence) which enables customized, ergonomic, and intelligent operation of PC peripherals.

Our blog on is the community blog for Good Work Systems’ IDI (Input Device Intelligence) based products — namely, the R2 Omnimouse and our line of foot pedals (Fragpedal II, Fragpedal Quad, and the Omnipedal.)  Good Work Systems designs and produces cutting edge input devices for PC users. This blog is the home for creation and dissemination of innovative uses of these products both for gaming and professional use.  We also publish related PC gaming news that might interest the cutting edge gamer.

Additionally, we use this blog to highlight our philosophy about good work.  We believe that good work, both as an experience and a result, is a good thing and worth discussing and exploring.  We will post about work issues (ergonomics) and skill learning as broadly as these issues appear to us and our guests, and we hope this blog becomes an encouraging resource for any folks wishing to share about the process of getting their dreams fulfilled by either work or play.


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