How to reset the Flash Memory in your IDI™ based Fragpedal or Omnipedal

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Your Fragpedal or Omnipedal keeps all your settings inside in flash memory—that’s how it can plug and play to other computers without any software installation. And no worries about lost or corrupted disc or driver files, onboard memory makes them a thing of the past.

Flash memory in your GWS foot pedal is fast, roomy, and can be re-written on the order of 100,000 times.  While it is possible for flash memory to become corrupted, it can always be easily restored by re-writing.

This post will tell you how to recognize a memory corruption in your footpedal and how to perform the simple procedure to restore it.  

The symptoms of a memory error in your device:


A) You plug your pedals to your PC and hear the USB “device plugged” sound;

B) and the pedals work as last programmed;

C) but the pedals (plugged) do not appear in the Configurator, which instead displays a default grey window with the message “No IDI Device Connected”, you most likely have a memory corruption in the device. 

NOTE: Sometimes this will happen while saving a setting. The Save operation progress bar will freeze and you will need to close and reopen the Configurator to restore it. Upon reopening, the Configurator will now not “find” or recognize the pedals. Flash memory corruption can also occur somewhat randomly due to high electrostatic energy in the environment, which is generally uncommon in most residences and places of work.

The Fragpedal and Omnipedal use a default signal to “tell” the Configurator that the memory in the device has been corrupted; and when the Configurator sees this signal, it will bypass the corrupted memory, and allow the pedals to be recognized again.  The signal to the Configurator that the pedals have a memory error is to plug them to the PC with buttons 1 and 2 both pressed down.

After the pedals are recognized by the Configurator again, you can then clear the device memory which erases the error,  reload a memory file previously saved to disc, (if you made one) and be  ready to go..

Fragpedal Memory Bypass Procedure
1. Be sure the Configurator is open on your PC, and the pedals are unplugged from the PC.

2. Be sure that a pedal is connected to the Right Pedal receptacle (it’s identified by the label on the back of the control box.)

  • The right pedal is pedal 1.  We want to press both pedals (buttons 1 and 2) down securely on this pedal so we know they are all the way down     (Activated) You can easily hold them down with one hand (or foot).

3. With buttons 1 and 2 firmly pressed, re-plug the foot pedal USB control box cord to the PC or the control box.

NOTE: This is the cord that goes from the top center of the control box to a USB port on your PC. 

  • If it’s easier to unplug the cord at the control box end (usually it is) then unplug/re-plug it there.

4. The Configurator should recognize the pressed pedals’ “signal” to bypass the device memory and do so, (it doesn’t get loaded). It will  instead create a single configuration in the first slot with button 1 set to a left click and button 2 set to a right click.  

  • You can release the pedals as soon as you see the pedals in the display, which should be instantly.  If you don’t see the pedals, unplug and try plugging again, rarely, it can take a couple of trys if Windows is busy.

 5. We will next clear the memory in the pedals to restore them back to full operation:

  • Click on the Device Menu and select “Clear Memory”. You will be prompted to confirm you wish to erase the contents of the device memory. (This is only the user settings area of memory) 
  • Click “Yes” and then click the Save button.  The memory bar will show the memory being cleared.
  • At this point, the pedals should be fully operational, and you can click on the button labels and make new button assignments. and/or load a memory save file from disc back to the pedals and restore your settings

IDI Tech supports saving your device configuration data to a disk file that can later be reloaded to the device. **It is recommended that you keep a copy of your up-to-date settings saved on disc so that you could instantly restore your pedals in any event such as this.**

To save an image of the pedal memory to disc:

  • Click on the Device Menu and select “Save memory to disc” A file dialog will pop up and you can navigate to the location where you would like to save the file. Its generally good practice to save these to the main \IDI Device folder so that it can be copied and moved or saved with the other support files.
  • Navigate to the location, enter a filename for the file, and Click “Save” The device memory file will be saved to disc
  • NOTE: do not attempt to open this file with any kind of file viewer, its contents are easily corruptible and can become useless.

Further information about flash memory management and other IDI Device features can be found in the IDI Device Configuration Guide