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Alright guys, this is the good stuff.

Three Actions on One Button: Tap / Press / Hold macros

I made these macros to demonstrate how complex smart buttons help you out in tactical games like Dragon Age: Origins. The triple-action smart button used here is deceptively easy to use. Once the assigned button is pressed, the IDI tech processor in your Fragpedal starts a timer. If the button pops up before the timer reach 150 milliseconds, the action is considered a “tap.” If the timer reads between 150 milliseconds and 700 milliseconds, IDI tech registers a “press.” If the button is lifted after 700 milliseconds, you’ve got a “hold.”

If you like, the timing thresholds for the tap, press, and hold can be changed to any value you like. If you’ve got a real fast foot, you could reduce the minimum for a press to 100ms, for example — or, drag it out to 250 or even 500ms if you like to click slowly. You can also configure a command to after pressing for a specific length of time. This way

Dragon Age Origins: The Commander



Dragon Age Macro Controls

Fire off myriad orders to your minions

This profile uses triple-action timed buttons for the quickbar abilities, and double-action timed buttons to select characters. Since quickbar items 5-0 are accessible on your footpedal, you’ll only have to worry about pressing 1-4 on the keyboard. Since hotkeys 0 and 7 will only be fired after a 750ms delay, you might want to set these as abilities used outside of battle.


These can be configured easily in the IDI software for any game. And, if you can’t quite get it to work, e-mail us! Expect more in-depth macro content coming soon! In the mean time, what other games would you like to see in-depth macros for?


Get the macros used here for your Fragpedal

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