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Summer heats up and the Innovation Squad gets rolling. Today, Kimo introduces his profile for Crysis 2. He’s got four very cool macros completely using advanced Smart Button capability, including: tap/press/hold, multi-press, and press/release triggers. His configurations are a good example of using the Fragpedal’s advanced technology to really change the way you control the game.


Crysis 2 Footpedal configuration
The ‘Stealth Shot’ macro fires your weapon, then returns you to stealth mode.


Crysis 2 is a great game and I’m happy to cover it for the Innovation Squad. I’ve got five macros that make Crysis 2 less troublesome and more fun to play, so make sure to check them out. Below are two button configurations that I recommend you use them with.

Stealth Shot

To use this macro you must start out in stealth mode. When you press the button, it takes you out of stealth mode, fires a single shot then enables stealth mode again. This is extremely helpful when sniping from a distance. It is harder to see someone cloaked from a distance and even harder when they only appear for a split second to fire that deadly headshot.

Toggle Aim (Multi-Press)

This is a basic macro that when used it holds the right mouse button down. I use it when sniping. It allows me to hold the aim and not have to focus on staying zoomed in. I usually follow this one up with a Stealth Shot.  This button is set up as a toggle.

First press:  It holds right click so you can aim.

Second press: It releases the right click and you are no longer zoomed in


Binoculars (Press/Release)

While you are holding the button down it holds the binoculars out. When you release the button it puts the binoculars away. The binoculars are used to find enemies, ammo caches, and slain enemy weapons on the ground. This macro allows you to use the binoculars and continue to stay on the move to avoid being ambushed by the enemy.


Un-toggle Crouch (Multi-Press)

This is a must-have button assignment no matter what game you play, Crysis 2 is no different. Not having to hold down the crouch key constantly allows your fingers to focus on the move important things like quick movement. While the button is down you stay crouched. Release it and you will stand up.

Switch Suit mode (Timed Press: Tap/Press)

This macro is used to easily switch between Stealth and Armor mode. On a button tap, it enables the suit’s stealth mode. On a long press of the button it enables the suit’s armor mode. I use this macro a couple of different ways. First, while I am tiptoe-ing around in stealth mode I will quickly enable armor mode right before I attack. A second way I use this macro is that when I need to quickly hide from an enemy, I can easily enable stealth. This macro is really just a good way to enable the different suit modes and not have to worry about what your fingers are doing on the keyboard.


Crysis 2 Footpedal configuration
Use the ‘Suit Mode’ smart button: Tap to enable stealth mode, press to switch to armor mode


Primary Layout:

Button 1: Stealth Shot

Button 2: Toggle Aim (Multi-Press)

Button 3: Easy Binoculars (Press/release)

Button 4: Crouch (multi-press)


Infiltrate the DLC page to appropriate Kimo’s Crysis 2 macros, file and images



  1. Tim
    June 23, 2011

    Wow! Nice work Kimo! I really like the timed press for suit modes. What a pain it can be switching between modes. Your “Stealth Shot” sounds cool too. I only played the demo of Crysis 2 but I think I might give it a try with some of your macros. Thanks!

  2. Kimo
    June 27, 2011

    Thanks Tim!
    The stealth shot works best when you are sniping from a distance. You don’t lose suit power very fast when you stay still, then when you fire the shot you are only visible for such a short amount of time it makes it extremely difficult to be found.

  3. Ricky M.
    July 5, 2011

    I totally like that crouch toggle, especially if you can do that with your feet.

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