Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Configuration

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Oyvind from the Squad brings us his control set-ups for Bad Company 2! Since each class opens new play styles, each class has a profile, including: assault, engineer, medic, and recon.


Bad Company 2 gaming pedal
Press button 1 to grab your ammo box and release it to drop it to your team


The left footpedal changes for each class to let you play differently. The right footpedal stays the same for every profile and executes ‘zoom’ and ‘sprint.’ Oyvind: “Zooming would also work well, because in a stressed situation, right clicking the mouse to aim while keeping focused on the target, makes me slower locking on.” So, with your left foot, you can zoom and run, freeing up your hands when you most need them: you’re shooting someone, or trying to get the hell out of there!

Bad Company 2 gaming pedal
That’s one tough engineer! He hosts ‘Melee’ on button 1.


This profile boasts a new press-release macro for easy use of gadgets.  You can see this on button 1. This makes it easy to throw “motion sensor” if I play Recon, to revive when playing Medic, and to supply ammo when playing Assault.

Bad Company 2 medic gaming pedal
The Medic uses press/release smart buttons for his medkit and revive gadgets


For easy use of both your gadgets, another smart button is set to grab and use your second gadget, too. True, hands-free gadgets! If only I could say the same for my iPhone.

Bad Company 2 recon gaming pedal
My left foot: Easily place a sensor or throw grenades.


Throwing grenades is quicker and easier than ever, too! A new press-release smart button grabs your grenade with a press, and throws it upon release. See this on button 2 in the Recon profile below.

Games like Battlefield that offer different classes and corresponding play styles offer a huge unlocked potential to Fragpedal users. What would you like to see in class-specific profiles to change your game?


Make 4 new friends: the assault, recon, engineer, and medic profiles. Plus, get all the pictures, macros and the control file.

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  1. Steve
    July 11, 2011

    Hey, this looks great! Good job, Oyvind