Good Work Systems offers a number of mousepads.

Simple Mouse Pads

A soft, flexible mouse pad with a white surface

Killenflor Gaming Mouse Pad

Multi-surface Mouse Pads

The Killenflor Deluxe Pad is our most innovative offering. It uses multiple, swappable layers to optimize your mouse performance. Its top, transparent, layer can be silky smooth or rough like sand paper, to suit your play style. The middle layer can be a light surface to optimize tracking performance. Or, if you want to make it look like your own, you can insert a photograph, art, or anything you’d like. Since the middle layer is protected from your mouse movement by the textured top surface, it’s all up to you!

Killenflor Deluxe Gaming Mouse Pad Deck

Mouse Pad & Cord Handling Systems

The Launchpad is an integrated mouse pad & skyhook unit. This eliminates mouse cord drags and tangles

LaunchPad Gaming Mouse Pad and Cord Handling System

Mouse Pad Wax

If you demand the fastest pad with the least resistance, there’s no substitute for wax.

Killenflor Mouse Pad Wax Treatment